Due to the political climate and angst broadcasted worldwide — my colleague Crystal Morin and I explored the history behind the art of protest. After researching various activist groups and their methods of protest posters we designed a timeline booklet that unfolds into a relevant poster to today's angst. We used various styles adopted from each activist group: the strategy of finding scrap paper from the Ateliers Populaires in Paris, the method of screen-printing used by the See Red Women's Workshop, and the use of one word to send a powerful message seen in Corita Kent's work. The word "UNITE" ties together all of the issues and voices that are yearning to be heard over the ruckus. The news clippings are from protests in 2016–2017 contrasted by photographs taken during the civil rights movement. ​​​​​​​
People back then would stop doing drugs, forget their homework, and come out and participate. 
— Harvard University Strike

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